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Home improvement projects can be stressful at the best of times, and exponentially so in Spain. The confusing bureaucracy combined with cultural and language barriers frustrate many homeowners like yourselves, eager to improve your property but unsure where to begin. 

At Medas Studio, we believe that homeowners need a trustworthy partner. Our team work alongside you to fight your corner, analyse projects, and drive them forward to completion. 

We take our clients across cultural and practical boundaries, helping you to become happy homeowners in the Empordà.

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Navigating renovation projects in another language, facing long timelines, lack of quality control and the need to coordinate multiple suppliers can quickly drain any homeowner's enthusiasm - even before works begin.

Our services below are designed to accompany you through home renovations saving you time, money, and the hassle of doing it on your own. 

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During the early stages of a project, Medas Studio joins you as a consultant to assist with the analysis and development of ideas, offering knowledge on local materials, partners and suppliers, and insight into budget and timelines. 

Throughout this journey, we remain by your side to ensure you have transparency around the project by providing clarity, alternative quotes, and even spoken translation services. 

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With links to suppliers locally, nationwide and beyond, Medas Studio have access to a wide variety of suppliers, and materials at discounted prices - discounts which are passed on to you. 

You may have the exact idea in mind already, or perhaps you prefer suggestions and mood boards to spark those creative juices. 

Either way, we will guide you through the steps to choose the right materials for your home, and find them for you at best price.

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Creating custom-made furniture pieces, as well as offering bespoke proposals for projects from garden pergolas to unique kitchens, are all part of Medas Studio's design services.  

Harnessing years of experience across various international markets as well as access to suppliers which are not available direct to consumer, our team applies both conceptual and practical design knowledge to the project you have in mind.

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Whether you are on site or based abroad, having another set of eyes overlooking a project can offer peace of mind, not to mention assurance that the project will follow its projected path. 

We are available to check in on site, provide photos and analysis, attend meetings on your behalf, and highlight any areas that need discussing. Furthermore, we liaise directly with the local teams to coordinate the teams on site with your expectations. 

We coordinate the build


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You may have already discovered the secret that is the Empordà, and perhaps even own a house here. But now, you need to transform it into a home - without the hurdles of learning the language, the culture, and the trade secrets of the area. 

The local team at Medas Studio has already successfully navigated these obstacles, and we use our on-the-ground expertise to empower homeowners like you to turn home renovation visions into palpable reality without the hassle in between.

With backgrounds across the industries of interior design, project management, and real estate, we merge our professional backgrounds with our personal - our own home in the Baix Empordà and a family to fill its walls.

We are on a mission to transform the experience of enhancing a house in the Empordà, because creating a home should be an enjoyable journey. 

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